Copy no Longer

There is nothing quite like the Great British High-Street. No sooner has a designer shown their collection than the retailers are hot footing it to their factories to produce pieces that pay homage to what wowed on the catwalk. And whilst imitation may be the highest form of flattery, there is also nothing quite as irritating as walking into a room and finding a twin, or worse a team of folk rocking the same look as you. We couldn’t help but notice just how heavily the current season seems to be playng copy-cat to bygone eras and luckily for all those heading to this Sunday’s Clerkenwell Vintage Fashion Fair the key looks have been distilled by our skilled vendors. So here’s a whistle-stop tour of what to look out for.

Monochrome is a big story this year. But we all know who did it first. Coco Chanel with her mantra of the ultra-chic palette teamed with pearls wore it first and generation after generation of women followed. Why not choose to play with silhouette mixing monochrome looks from different ages for an original take on a look that has taken the high street by storm?

If Parisian flavours are not your thing, and you have legs that can work it, explore the 60s tunic dresses and checker board motif fabrics. Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2013 did it best this time around, but there is nothing better than buying an original. Plus you never know, the piece you pick up might have history and been worn in the Cavern Club or Carnaby Street first time round!

Another copy-cat look that the high street seems to not get enough of is the foxy secretary. Blame the TV series Mad Men or the fact that most people regardless of size or age look great in a pencil skirt, but if you come to the fair this Sunday you are in for a treat. Not only will you have sexy pencil and tulip skirts to choose from (often helpfully lined in original pieces – so no risk of knicker flashing), but also there are on the spot tailoring services available, ensuring the wiggle in your step is just so

Who needs a stylist when you can create a fashion story all of your own? Only a few days to go and we can’t wait.

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