How to use vintage in your home

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It’s fair to say that our vintage obsession extends beyond clothes. We’re firm believers that vintage fashion can still look current and stylish today, and the same goes for vintage interiors. It’s surprisingly easy to add a vintage touch to your home and the thrill of telling your friends ‘oh this? It’s vintage’ is just as great as it is when you say it about your outfit.

Style your home vintage with these easy tips from pieces we’ve seen around our fair:


Good condition vintage material is easier to get hold of than a good condition vintage cushion, and we’ve seen some really unique fabrics coming through our doors. Pick up a few metres in a gorgeous pattern and get sewing for a vintage look with the comfort factor of a brand new cushion insert. There are lots of YouTube tutorials to help you, we like this really easy one from Molly Quest:

The charm of vintage interiors is that they look a bit worn, creating a homely effect. However, if you’ve picked up a well-loved armchair at a flea market that has a mark you’d rather not have on show, cover it with a vintage throw to add to the cosy vibe. The 1970’s trend is also big in the interiors world right now so why not choose a crochet blanket or patchwork quilt to channel the arts and crafts vibe.


Is there anything more charming than serving your guests afternoon tea on a vintage crockery set? Even more charming is serving it on mismatching crockery. We have a beautiful pick ‘n’ mix selection coming to our next fair on 31st May to help you start your collection! Even when you’re not using them, they make a beautiful display on an open shelf unit. Want to get crafty? Here’s how to turn your vintage plates into a cake stand:

Vanity sets

Every vintage beauty needs one on her dressing table. Not necessarily a practical purchase these days but they add an enviable touch of glamour to your morning makeup routine. A traditional set usually includes a handheld mirror and brush; we spotted some stunning sets which came with their own satin-lined cases at our last fair too. If yours doesn’t come with a case, place on a vintage tray with a few empty perfume bottles and feel like a Hollywood starlet every day.

Clerkenwell Vintage Fashion Fair is back the Old Finsbury Town Hall, Rosebery Avenue, London, on 31st May. More details here:

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