New Year New You

We hope you’ve started your new year feeling fresh, fabulous and ready to take on 2014 with flair and enthusiasm. In the spirit of resolutions, here are our top 5 reasons to get in to vintage this year.

  1. It’s one-of-a-kind. You are unique and your wardrobe should be unique too. Nothing makes you feel more special than owning something that doesn’t belong to anyone else, that has interesting details from a bygone era and looks twice as fabulous now as it did when it was made. When you wear something amazing, it makes you feel amazing, you hold yourself differently and life looks a little rosier. We want to spend every day of 2014 feeling that way.
  2. There’s a style to suit everyone. We all have our favourite era of style. Are you a roaring 1920’s party animal? A make-do-and-mend 1940’s utilitarian? A 1950’s rockabilly? A 1970’s hippy? Or a lover of 1980’s power dressing? We see so many stylish vintage-lovers through our doors, each styling vintage in completely different ways. It doesn’t have to be a game of fancy dress either. Mixing and matching eras with contemporary pieces is a savvy way to wear the styles that flatter you. Will this be the year you give your wardrobe a revival?
  3. It’s an investment. We only sell top-quality vintage which means you can guarantee they’ll stand the test of time. Vintage is more than just clothing, it has history, it is an heirloom and it has value beyond the material it’s made from. Make sure you give them proper love and care because they’re worth holding on to. We like this guide on how to care for your 20th century treasures by Oxfam’s fashion experts
  4. It has a story. From someone’s initials sewn on the inside of a fur coat to a sweetheart image in a locket, the little traces left behind by its previous owners act as a reminder of our emotional attachment to the things we wear. Whether it’s the romantic sentimentality of an old engagement ring, the feeling of belonging that’s instilled by a family tartan or the historical importance of a military jacket, there’s more than meets the eye. You are the next chapter in its story, take it somewhere amazing in 2014.
  5. It’s environmentally friendly. Are you aiming to be a bit more conscious of important issues this year? It starts with little steps. The effects of fast, throwaway fashion has led to 1.5 million tonnes of clothing and textiles going in to landfill sites every year. By purchasing vintage, you’re saving it, and the planet, from a sad fate. It’s guilt-free shopping at its best.

With so many great reasons to get in to vintage, we hope we’ll see you on 16th February at The Old Finsbury Town Hall for our first fair of 2014 to get the wardrobe you really want this year!


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