Pretty as a Picture


As any style maven knows, one’s ensemble is only one part of the story as hair and Make-Up can add or detract from all the good work done in the clothing choice department. Luckily, for all those coming to the forthcoming Clerkenwell Vintage and Fashion Fair, there is no chance of such a mishap as help comes in the form of two fabulous beauty solutions.

For that ‘me, on a very good day’ look, English Rose Cosmetics is fast becoming the go-to brand of choice. Founded by Karin Mckay, a beauty industry insider with over 16 years’ experience, the range uses naturally active ingredients that protect skin whilst enhancing the wearer’s innate beauty. Karin took inspiration from the perennial glamour of women in the wartime years, as well as a more recent English Rose, actress Emma Watson to create her range, and since launching it has become a cult brand with a global fan-base. Like all the best cosmetics products the packaging is a delight, guaranteeing that your dressing table is every bit as gorgeous as your made-up face.

Not forgetting the body’s extremities, the Minnie Moons team return to the fair with their famous ‘moonicures’. Sharon Trickett, the lady behind the company will be offering customers half-moon manicures throughout the day. Popularised in the 1920’s and 1930’s, this look hints at nights in Speakeasies during Prohibition, flappers dancing for as long as their beaded chiffon dresses would allow and electrifying muses such as Zelda Fitzgerald, who were photographed and talked about throughout the era. In our opinion this is much the more exciting option than the usual French Manicure. And whilst beauty might be in the eye of the beholder, it’s always a good idea to give those around you something special to behold!


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